Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Why we Need to Get Comfortable Talking About Race At Work with Louisa Joseph

Louisa worked in a large corporate organisation for 17 years where she had the opportunity to grow a rewarding career in a variety of amazing HR roles, having started in operations management. Whilst she had a great career across various HR roles, her true passion came when I had the opportunity to make a difference in the Diversity and Inclusion space. She worked with stakeholders across different levels of the business to inspire and provide opportunities for minority group colleagues to connect, develop and grow. She passionately believe everyone deserves equal opportunities for development and progression at work, irrespective of their background and beliefs (Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, social mobility, Age, religious beliefs or Disability). She was a Mentor and Coach running a BAME mentoring circle with colleagues which gave her a strong sense of purpose at work. And she witnessed first-hand the amazing results. Now she coach and develop individuals and help businesses to implement pro-active strategies which develop leaders who deliver remarkable results

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