Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Crushing the mental health stigma surrounding first responder and military professions with Ashlie and Clint Walton

Ashlie Walton is a police wife and Clint Walton a police officer. Together, they own and operate LEO Warriors as coaches and consultants. Clint started the police academy days after they were married. Over the years, being a police officer and officer spouse took a tremendous toll on the health of their marriage. The kicker? Neither knew that there was anything wrong until it hit them both like a ton of bricks. Things needed to change. They incorporated coaching, meditation, reading and networking into their lives and trained at the Human Potential Institute. Today? They are a powerhouse and it seems like the two just started dating again! Together, they have created a movement to CRUSH the mental health stigma surrounding first responder and military professions. They teach people: - How to invest in themselves without feeling guilty - The best ways to identify silent negative triggers in their relationships - That mental health is an injury and not a condition - Top ways to balance careers in first responding/military service with personal life. Check out their website: https://www.leowarrior.com

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