Thursday, April 30, 2020

How to create wealth online with Scott Aaron

Scott Aaron is an Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, best selling author, top podcaster and international speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating residual income using Linked Leads Generation®, while building personal brands. People-focused and result-driven, Scotts strategic approach to teaching others how to create wealth online and organic traffic is the game changer when it comes to competing in a saturated digital world. Website:

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

From small farm to multi-million dollar content factory with Kari DePhillips

Kari DePhillips is the owner of The Content Factory and co-founder of Workationing. She’s been featured everywhere from Fast Company to Forbes to NBC News for her management style and digital marketing expertise, and Thrive calls her a “limit‑breaking female founder.” Website:

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The Magic Of Affirmation Power with Michele Blood

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating MusiVation™ products and seminars worldwide. Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 16 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. After many years of meditation Michele’s Kundalini awakened and transformed her consciousness. She now teaches others how to live a Mystical Life and experience Divine Oneness, which is the true heart of true happiness, success, and purpose in one’s life. Download Michele's free eBook here: Check out her website here:

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Natural medicines, stress management techniques and entrepreneurship in times of uncertainty with Lindsey Elmore

In this episode we will be talking more about the coronavirus or more specifically COVID 19 and with me I have a chemist and a clinical pharmacist who travels the world educating audiences about natural wellness. Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a speaker, author, world-renowned wellness expert, and founder and owner of Lindsey Elmore enterprises. She analyzes data and translates complicated science into understandable stories. A chemist and a clinical pharmacist, she travels the world educating audiences about natural wellness. Check out her website :

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Growth hack your way to success with Danielle Cuomo

It used to be that assistants were a luxury available only to senior executives. Today's technological advances allow every entrepreneur, business owner and manager to hire their own, personal virtual assistant. Danielle Cuomo is the owner of Virtual Assist USA, a Virtual Assistant company founded in 2008. The support they provide enables their clients clients to accomplish a wide variety of tasks that would typically require an entire staff of employees, office space, expensive equipment, training periods, and substantial time and money invested. No other service offers this level of expert, convenient and affordable support. Danielle is an award-winning entrepreneur and has been a leader in the Virtual Assistant space for more than a decade, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to delegate effectively. Danielle has a Master's in Business Administration from Penn State University. Website:

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What the future holds for businesses amid the COVID 19 pandemic with Stephen Gillen

My latest podcast interview is with Steven Gillard where we discuss life growing up in London and what the future holds for businesses amid the COVID 19 pandemic. Stephen Gillen is a Globaly sucessful Entrepreneur in many different arenas - mainly Media, IT & the Pharmaceutical industry. He is an executive business and life coach. He is also an Awarded Peace Ambassador who last year was nominated for the Sunhak International Peace Prize. And In two months a book is being released on his life story called the Monkey puzzle tree which is being made into a feature film. Website:

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity with Kate Iroegbu

Kate Onome Iroegbu a Nigerian born Irish national based in greater London, United Kingdom is an Award International Public Speaker, the author of the upcoming book, Triumph in the Midst of Adversity, Strategic Coach Overcoming Adversity, Life Performance Coach, Consultant, Talk Show Host and Motivational Speaker. Website: www.TriumphInTheMidstOfAdversity.Com

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Being healthier, happier & living your dream with Elizabeth Sherman

In 2017, Elizabeth and her husband packed up our 2 dogs, sold everything, left the American Dream life to live in a Mexican beach town. Had you told her that this would be her life 20 years ago, when she watched her mother pass away from breast cancer - that this was going to be her life - she never would have believed you. Back then, she was traveling 75% of her time, working as an executive in a software company, living alone (with my cats), overweight, stressed out, and not living her authentic life. Today, she is healthy, in love, living in Mexico, and helping women become the best versions of themselves. She is living the dream. She's a life & weight loss coach. She helps my clients to identify & overcome limiting beliefs, and turn around negative thought patterns in their life so that they can get consistent in their health habits. She can help improve personal & professional performance, overcome barriers and achieve happiness by helping them to identify & overcome obstacles, and create easy to do, sustainable habits. She helps folks in midlife regain their confidence by creating simple, easy to do habits in the areas of eating, exercising, sleeping stress management, and body image. Get rid of the obstacles and barriers getting in the way of their success. She specialize in balancing hormones through focusing on her clients energy levels, hunger, cravings, and quality of sleep and mood. If success was simply about knowing what to do, we would create a goal & follow through. The real question is why aren't we consistent with pursuing our goals & dreams when we know what we should be doing? The truth is that we all know the basics and what we should be doing to live a healthy & successful life. So why then do so many folks struggle with their weight, relationships, time management, and managing their stress? Through years of helping folks establish healthy, easy to do habits, She started getting curious why habits worked for some and not for others. Why, after 20 years of not smoking, did someone decide to pick the habit back up again? The answer to that question is a little complicated, but through helping her clients discover the sneaky thoughts in our mind - everything from limiting beliefs and our identity - She's able to help her clients FINALLY follow their desires, stick to their healthy habits, gain confidence, and be happy. She works mostly with health and weight loss, however is able to coach on relationships, careers, or money because those areas of our life have a huge impact on our lifestyle habits. Website:

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Looking back and moving forward with former UK Fire Chief Jagtar Singh OBE

Jagtar is a former ( Acting ) Fire Chief in Bedfordshire, UK. He joined B&LFRS from West Midlands Fire Service in 2001. He led on service Delivery and Service Support at various times being responsible for procurement. HR, training as well as community and legislative fire safety. He also served for 12 months as Acting Chief Fire Officer before Paul Fuller was appointed to CFO. He also worked at the Department of Communities and local government for over 12 months during his spell. He was also the regional lead on Equality and diversity. He led on a number of national projects with regard to equality and diversity including the multi faith CFOA conferences. Jagtar is also National Officer for the Asian Fire Service Association, an independent, inclusive group open to all members of the Fire and Rescue Service and is not associated or affiliated to any trade union and welcomes all serving and retired members of the fire service irrespective of heritage or background. He is also currently Chairman of the National Health Service Trust working in the community and Chair of Police audit and Finance .

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How the coronavirus is impacting Asia with Sharon Vaswani

In this episode, we look at how the coronavirus (COVID 19) is impacting Asia with Sharon Vaswani. Sharon is currently the VP for Healthcare & Advocacies of the Federation of Filipino Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (FICCI), Sharon plays an active role in working on community efforts in order to be of assistance to our fellow countrymen in their time of need. Moreover, as a licensed Optometrist, she has put up her own business, PanOphthalmics Enterprise which supplies ophthalmic instruments, machines, and Intra Ocular lenses to hospitals and eye care practitioners. She is also a licensed financial advisor for Sunlife of Canada Philippines where she enjoys spreading the message of financial freedom and is a proud member of the member of the Million Dollar Round Table ®, The Premiere Association of Financial Professionals which is a global independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals. At the same time, she is an active interfaith youth leader, being part of the United Religions Initiative since 2008. Her role as the Young Leaders Program Coordinator for the South East Asia & Pacific region, has seen her giving leadership trainings globally, in the region, as well as in various parts of the country she lives in such as Mindanao. She is currently part of the global network of interfaith young leaders, the Global Youth CC.

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Creating health resilience amid COVID 19 and beyond with Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD

In this episode I speak to Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD who is a Medical Doctor Specializing in Functional Medicine and will help you understand COVID19 and what you need to do to protect yourselves and create resilient health. Board Certified MD with over two decades of clinical and research experience. Fellowship trained by the American Academy of Anti Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. Has been featured on CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, First For Women Magazine and others. Host of Her Brilliant Health Revolution Podcast with Dr. Kyrin. Dr. Kyrin has moved beyond her career as a community OBGYN and Functional Medicine Expert and now teaches women what true health is and how to create it naturally. Board Certified throughout her clinical career, she brings over 20 years of medical expertise to women who are seeking answers to their healthcare concerns. As a “doctorpreneur”, instead of delivering babies, she is now delivering inspirational and vital information on creating optimal health to women. By moving beyond the clinic walls, she is making vital information available and delivering women to their own healthiest, best lives. Dr. Kyrin’s experience and expertise combine with her warm and relatable manner in her interviews, presentations and seminars to provide women with true understanding, inspiration and actionable items. Her knowledge of both traditional health practices and natural treatment options offers a unique and comprehensive picture for women to view their health holistically and take steps to achieve it. Website:

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The land of freedom with Estelle California

In this episode, I catch up with my good fiend and regular guest, singer,songwriter, musician and committed artiste Estelle California to talk about “The Land Of Freedom” which is Estelle’s new single from her collection “My Name Is Freedom”. Estelle lives in California and like many people around the globe, is currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus ( COVID 19) so we also had a little chat about that too! “The Land Of Freedom” is the consequence of the difficult work and enthusiasm of Estelle and the extraordinary performers and makers that took a shot at these tracks. Estelle California is an artist and musician initially from France whose educational encounters mirror each word she sings. Her adoration for music began right off the bat in her life, an actual existence that carried her to various nations, on the contrary sides of the world. Africa and afterward the United States have been and are home for her, filling her heart with new sentiments, feelings, encounters, and music! This tune is an extremely lovely moderate beat track, beginning from the exceptionally suggestive piano lines and backup, we can value Estelle’s warm and sensitive voice setting up the mind-set of the tune with its astonishing verses. Estelle California’s exhibition behind the receiver is simply remarkable, her capacity to give each word the correct understanding is only a genuine and common blessing. From the subsequent half and end of the tune, we can likewise value her amazing vocal range and immaculate order of her vocal instrument. Check out Estelle's music and everything else she is up to on her website:

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Constructing an old mindset to a reinvented lifestyle Desiree Williams

Desiree started speaking with the 4 Winds, 4-H club when she was ten years old as a requirement from her father and she loved it. She spoke again for a non-profit organization with Bernard Masters at seventeen years old to pregnant teenage girls. She has worked as a construction project manager in residential, commercial, and luxury retail over the past two decades. This role helped her to understand and familiarize herself with the reality of life. This role has also prepared her for walking in her purpose as a mindshift life coach. She has assisted others in starting businesses during this same time by using the techniques and experiences learned in construction. Wearing multiple hats and juggling various projects at the same time gives one a great understanding of balancing your life and family. She also had an internet radio show that she interviewed local talent and coaches on WBKE radio and recorded on Soundcloud. Website:

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Finding greater fulfillment in your life with David Richards

David Richards is a keynote speaker, international best-selling author, and life strategist. He spent his early childhood living in various parts of the United States and three years living on the island of Okinawa, Japan. After graduating university with a degree in English, he was commissioned an officer in the Marines. He served fifteen years on active duty before deciding to break out from the path his father and brother had followed in making the military a career and left the Marines to pursue life as a civilian. He joined Cisco Systems in 2006 and shortly thereafter discovered yoga. A year later, he taught his first yoga class. Realizing the fulfillment that came from helping others see their vision more clearly, he became a life strategist. He works with individuals and organizations conducting training through private coaching engagements, speaking events, and workshops. Down to earth, insightful, and sometimes silly, he blends his unique background with elements of yoga with quantum physics to bring the esoteric together with the practical for a truly unique perspective of how the mind works, in turn creating easily understood self-development plans that create lasting change for a more fulfilling life. Website:

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

COVID 19 and the firefighting community with Fire Chief Reginald Freeman, MS, CFO, FIFireE

With the coronavirus (COVID 19) at it's peak and spreading in the USA, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane to my former career as a firefighter and find out how the fire community is coping. In this episode I speak to Fire Chief Reginald Freeman, MS, CFO, FIFireE at City of Hartford in Connecticut, USA.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

How to cope with the uncertainty and challenges of COVID-19 with Katherine Jansen-Byrkit

Utilizing a holistic approach, psychotherapist, Katherine Jansen-Byrkit, MPH, LPC takes her audiences on a spiritual/life journey, one that can transform despair into hope and confusion into clarity toward the ultimate discovery of an awakened self. During this time of COVID-19 Katherine calls up on her skills to help individuals, couples and families address and cope with many issues found with the ‘new normal’ of today’s daily life. As a speaker, author, educator and therapist, she moves her audience from the inner world to the outer, providing insights, tools and practices as she explores many of the nine aspects of wakefulness. Wakefulness-Living as one’s most conscious self has been a lifelong pursuit for Katherine Jansen-Byrkit as she has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. “For many of us, this pandemic has been a wake-up call, a life changing moment when life is standing still and we have snapped out of some kind of trance. With overwhelming anxiety, contending with losses and required to be in isolation, we are called upon to stay not only physically well but emotionally healthy too, which includes our relationship to ourselves and each other. This is a powerful opportunity to focus on navigating adversity as your most awakened self, such as learning to work with an over active mind or apply relationship practices that deepen your connection to others in close and indefinite proximity. I write/speak to help each of us to wake up through our human life, not in spite of it.” Katherine Jansen-Byrkit Katherine Jansen-Byrkit, MPH, LPC began her professional journey in the field of Public Health, obtaining her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Washington. For many years she enjoyed her work in Public Health focused on working with non-profit agencies in multiple areas of violence prevention and teen health. To her own surprise, mid-career, she experienced an inner calling to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a therapist. She then went on to obtain her Master’s in Counseling from Lewis and Clark College in 2004 and opened her own private practice. Website:

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Making that mind-body connection with Amanda Webster

In October of 2018, Amanda stood on the ledge of a Canadian hotel room, ready to endher life. A song playing at the right place at the right time brought her down and she made a pact with herself. She was going to give it her all for one year. If she still felt the same desolation after that, she gave herself permission to jump. The only problem was that she had no idea where to start. She’d seen the counselors, taken the medications, journaled and read as many self-help books as her brain could handle. Having majored as a Mind-Body-Wellness practitioner at the award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2011 with a specialty in holistic nutrition, she finally concluded that it was time to get back to basics. It wasn’t eating a salad or taking a Yoga class or reading a book. It was reconstructing her lifestyle and way of thinking as a whole. Website:

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Different Strokes: Serena, Venus, and the unfinished black tennis revolution with Cecil Harris

Cecil is the author of four books that reside at the intersection of sports and sociology. His new book, Different Strokes: Serena, Venus, and the unfinished black tennis revolution was published in 2020 by the University of Nebraska Press. In it, he relates that the days of tennis as a country club sport for the aristocracy have long passed, as have the pre–Open era days when black players faced long odds just to be invited to the four Grand Slam events. He wants young athletes to know that though tennis is expensive, there’s a path for families to follow that can lead to success: Serena and Venus were home-schooled, largely shunned by junior tennis and have always had other interests. His previous books are: - Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey (Insomniac Press, Toronto, 2004) - Call the Yankees My Daddy (Lyons Press, Connecticut, 2005) - Charging the Net: A History of Blacks in Tennis from Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe to the Williams Sisters (Ivan Dee, Chicago, 2007). He also contributed a chapter to the anthology, African Americans and Popular Culture (Praeger, Connecticut, 2008). He has been a sports writer for The New York Times, the New York Daily News, Newsday, the New York Post, The (Raleigh) News & Observer, The Indianapolis Star, The Sporting News, The Hockey News, the Associated Press, and USA Today. As a journalist he's covered major events like the Summer Olympics in Atlanta; the World Series, the NBA finals, the NFL playoffs, the New York City Marathon, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the U.S. Open and WTA Championships. He appeared as an authority in the 2019 CBS Sports documentary, Althea & Arthur, about tennis Hall of Famers Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe, the 2018 hockey documentary, Soul on Ice, and the 2011 documentary, A Perfect Match, about Gibson and her Wimbledon-champion doubles partner Angela Buxton. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and live in Yonkers, New York and graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University. Website:

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