Thursday, April 9, 2020

Constructing an old mindset to a reinvented lifestyle Desiree Williams

Desiree started speaking with the 4 Winds, 4-H club when she was ten years old as a requirement from her father and she loved it. She spoke again for a non-profit organization with Bernard Masters at seventeen years old to pregnant teenage girls. She has worked as a construction project manager in residential, commercial, and luxury retail over the past two decades. This role helped her to understand and familiarize herself with the reality of life. This role has also prepared her for walking in her purpose as a mindshift life coach. She has assisted others in starting businesses during this same time by using the techniques and experiences learned in construction. Wearing multiple hats and juggling various projects at the same time gives one a great understanding of balancing your life and family. She also had an internet radio show that she interviewed local talent and coaches on WBKE radio and recorded on Soundcloud. Website:

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