Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Service Before Self Leadership with SJ Barakony

SJ is a CMA (Consultant, Mentor, & Advisor), as well as the founder of SBSL. He is presently involved (or has been actively involved) in the following mentorship and/or advising programs / orgs : YEA ( Young Entrepreneurs Academy ) Teen Entrepreneurial Camp AWANA OWU's EMF ( Econ Mgmt Fellows ) Sundown Group's 'Ask an Expert' Program HECOA's special events ( Sept 2015, April 2016, September 2016 ) ECDI 's Professional Advisory Network (PAN) His favorite pastimes/hobbies are traveling; reading ( 200+ paper & audio books in the past six+ years' time ); listening & watching inspirational content ( DVD, mp3, audio CD, streaming video, You Tube ); volunteering at his home church; connecting people who may not otherwise have met in the course of time; being an encourager; & a solution provider (change agent.) Websites: 1. Self Publishing 2. AdvisoryCloud 3. H7 Network 4.StartupSpaceApp 5. BeeKonnected 6.IntheTribe 7. Video n Audio Chat 8. Everything DISC 9. Featured Video 10. Wonderlic Webinar

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Senior Leadership in COVID-19 with Shona Elliott

Shona Elliott is an experienced senior leader who is passionate about helping other senior leaders connect and engage with their greatest assets – their employees – for the purposes of increasing employee retention, employee engagement, and achieving an organization’s strategic goals. As a previous CEO, with fifteen years of senior leadership experience, Shona understands the many challenges and competing priorities of busy executives. Having been in their shoes, designing and successfully implementing her organizations’ strategic plans, she recognized and harnessed the power of employee engagement to achieve her organizations’ goals. Throughout her fifteen years as a senior leader – both in healthcare and for-profit organizations in Canada and the United States – Shona has a proven track record helping organizations emerging from crisis, achieve cultural renewal with a people-centered focus. Through connection with leaders and employees, Shona has led an organization through the process to achieve two Top 100 Employer designations. Shona has extensive expertise in pandemic planning, strategic planning, transformational leadership, organizational development, and quality management. Shona previously worked and lived in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, where she obtained her bachelor’s of science, honors degree in biochemistry. Shona also holds an MBA from NYIT, an advanced program certificate in human resources management from the University of Toronto, and obtained her certification as an ISO 9000 auditor. She now lives with her family in Edmond, Oklahoma. Shona is an avid golfer, having golfed six out of the seven continents. In addition, she is a novice biohacker, a cautious skier, a world traveler, as well as a food and cooking enthusiast. Website: Email: Instagram: LinkedIn: Shona’s new book, Create Value as a Senior Leader can be found on Amazon: For a no cost to you, leadership advisement session with Shona please email her at

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Thirty Minutes of Leadership and Mentoring with Adam Mendler

Adam Mendler is the Chief Executive Officer of The Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries: Beverly Hills Chairs, a leading office furniture e-tailer; Custom Tobacco, a one-of-a-kind cigar customization e-commerce platform; and Veloz Solutions, a technology consulting and software development practice. Adam remains active in each portfolio company, providing strategic guidance and support. Adam also provides business thought leadership as a speaker to businesses, universities and non-profit organizations; as the host of the leadership and personal / professional development podcast Thirty Minute Mentors; as an expert regularly cited in national media outlets; and as an advisor, consultant, coach and board member. Adam utilizes his professional, entrepreneurial and managerial background developed through a unique set of experiences. Adam created both the Lessons in Leadership series in Thrive Global and the Thirty Minute Mentors podcast, where he regularly elicits insights from America's top leaders. Adam has conducted over 300 one on one interviews with leading CEOs, founders, athletes, celebrities, influencers and generals / admirals. Adam has also written extensively on leadership, management, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, having authored over 70 articles published in major media outlets including Forbes, Inc. and The Huffington Post. Adam has worked for D.E. Shaw & Co., then the largest hedge fund in the world, and for Credit Suisse; for the strategic planning groups at William Morris Endeavor and Universal Pictures; at TWC Sports Management, a leading sports agency; and on a successful presidential primary campaign. Adam has served as the Executive Producer of Virtually Israel; as a Strategic Partner and Advisor to Here Media; and as a consultant to the LAUSD. Adam is an advisor to the accelerator Fusion LA and to several early-stage companies. Adam graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Southern California, earning a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Political Science, and earned an M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he received the UCLA Anderson Fellowship Award. Adam serves as Chairman Emeritus of the USC Alumni Entrepreneurs Network; on boards for the USC Alumni Association and the UCLA Master of Applied Statistics program; and as a founding member of the UCLA Anderson CEO Forum. A Los Angeles native and lifelong Angels fan, Adam loves sports, classic movies and TV, politics, physical fitness and backgammon. Website:

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Economic Solutions During Volatile Times with Professor Larry Marsh

Lawrence C. Marsh is professor emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Notre Dame where he taught graduate and undergraduate economics for 30 years. He served as Director of Notre Dame’s Ph.D. program in economics for 13 years. In “retirement” he served in 2010 as a visiting professor of econometrics and statistics in the MBA program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and in 2016-2017 at Avila University in statistics and research methods in psychology. Marsh is also a co-founder of the Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG), a group that analyzes statistical data as it relates to economics. When he is not with his family, Professor Marsh tutors students free of charge at a neighboring university in Kansas City, MO, where he resides. Website: Larry's general book website ( and his book video description (

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Brotherhood coaching with John Lovato Jr.

John Lovato Jr is a Fire Captain for a Fire Department in Florada, USA and also the founder of Brotherhood Coaching. John Help's Firefighters Stay Into The Job, Overcome Frustrations, Grow their Influence, & Become the Leader their People Need. He is currently in the process of making a "done with me" leadership development program that will be available to fire departments. Website:

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Educating and accelerating entrepreneurs with Steven Hoffman

Steve Hoffman, or Captain Hoff as he’s called in Silicon Valley, is the Chairman & CEO of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading incubators and accelerators. He’s also an angel investor, limited partner at August Capital, serial entrepreneur, and author of several award-winning books. These include Make Elephants Fly published by Hachette and Surviving a Startup published by HarperCollins. Hoffman was the Founder and Chairman of the Producers Guild Silicon Valley Chapter, Board of Governors of the New Media Council, and founding member of the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group. While in Hollywood, Hoffman worked as a TV development executive at Fries Entertainment, known for producing over a hundred TV shows, acquired by MGM. He went on to pioneer interactive television with his venture-funded startup Spiderdance, which produced interactive TV shows with NBC, MTV, Turner, Warner Brothers, History Channel, Game Show Network, and others. In Silicon Valley, Hoffman founded two more venture-backed startups, in the areas of games and entertainment, and worked as Mobile Studio Head for Infospace, with such hit mobile games as Tetris, Wheel of Fortune, Tomb Raider, Thief, Hitman, Skee-Ball, and X-Files. Hoffman went on to launch Founders Space, with the mission to educate and accelerate entrepreneurs. Founders Space has become one of the top startup accelerators in the world. Hoffman has trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation and provided consulting to many of the world’s largest corporations, including Qualcomm, Huawei, Bosch, Intel, Disney, Warner Brothers, NBC, Gulf Oil, Siemens, and Viacom. Hoffman has a BS from the University of California in Computer Engineering and an MFA from the University of Southern California in Cinema Television. He currently resides in San Francisco but spends most of his time in the air, visiting startups, investors, and innovators all over the world. Captain’s websites: Make Elephants Fly: Founders Space: Online Program: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook::

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Transforming and developing the human potential with Elaine Powell

Elaine Powell is an award-winning professional speaker, peak performance & one of the UK’s top public speaking coach and founder of SWC Training & Consultancy. A company dedicated to equipping individuals and organisations with the mindset to perform to the best of their abilities through public speaking, leadership, and peak performance training. Elaine has spoken at over 100 events and conferences around the world. Trained over 25,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the area of peak performance, mindset and public speaking. She has worked with organisations such as The Home Office, BBC, British Telecom, British Library, Ministry of Justice to name a few. Passionate about developing people, Elaine curated a TEDx curator for three years and is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor. Website:

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Monday, May 18, 2020

How to cope with life after lockdown with Katherine JansenByrkit

As some countries ease coronavirus restrictions, mental health experts are noticing an emerging phenomenon; anxiety about life after lockdown. With me again in the show today to discuss this is psycotherapist and author Katherine Jansen-Byrkit. Katherine Jansen-Byrkit, MPH, LPC received her Masters in Public Health from University of Washington in 1992 and spent over a decade in Public Health managing violence prevention and teen health programs. But over time, she experienced an inner stirring. What ensued was a process of reflection, curiosity and ultimately trust as she dove into her current career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Following in the footsteps of her father, who was also a therapist, she graduated in 2004 from Lewis and Clark college and has now enjoyed over 15 years in private practice offering not only holistic psychotherapy but retreats and workshops as well. Last year, Katherine published her first book, River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness. Her book reflects the human voyage of finding your way to an awakened self. As with a river that traverses steep mountains and winding valleys, our inner and outer worlds can be encumbered by a lack of connection to ourselves, old beliefs, an anxious mind, preoccupation with death, or compromised relationships to others. Each and all of these can interfere with living our most authentic and loving life. In River to Ocean, Katherine explores nine aspects of wakefulness, offering insights, practices, and her own and other's inspirational stories from the field. More on Katherine and River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness can be found at

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Promoting Asperger’s Syndrome awareness in the UK with Andrew Marsh

Andrew is an author, speaker, complimentary therapist, story teller and entrepreneur and was born in Crawley, West Sussex. After completing his studies in geology and engineering geology worked in the construction industry for 23 years until the credit crunch and ill health forced a change. He retrained in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and during his working life became fascinated in the story. Andrew is an Associate Member of the Professional Speaking Association. Taking notes on sites and in office environments, he soon built up a library of interesting tales and started to formulate the plot for a book. With the winnings from his appearance on The Weakest Link, he self published his first novel, The Long And Winding Road in 2004, now out of print. After a period of dormancy, he self published his second novel The Truth, a hard hitting adult crime thriller in 2014. He has also written a work of non-fiction for writers called The Handbook of TOP TIPS to Manage Your Writing. His current works are aimed at young adults and adults who enjoy the story. Jack Janson, the eponymous hero of the series, befriends a giant who lives at the bottom of his gran’s garden and from there, his adventures begin. Andrew has always known he was different somehow and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015 at 51. This has brought great clarity to his life and has made sense of his past. This gives him an understanding of who he is and has been the springboard for his renewed writing. Andrew discovered the Writer’s Summer School, Swanwick in 2004, and it had a profound effect on his life. He discovered a writing family who welcomed him with open arms and this has also boosted his writing and has made life long friends there. He has presented there twice and has served on the Committee. Website:

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Coronavirus, Federalism and Democracy with Fernando Iglesias

Fernando Iglesias is Co-President of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy and a Member of Parliament in Argentina (2007-2011 and 2017-2021). He is the Director of the campaign for a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court Against Transnational Organized Crime (COPLA). He is also a founding member of Democracia Global – Movimiento por la UniĆ³n Sudamericana y el Parlamento Mundial (a WFM MO) and directs the Altiero Spinelli Chair for Regional Integration at the Consorzio Universitario Italiano per l’Argentina. As an Argentine MP, between 2007 and 2011 he sat on the Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur) and the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino). In 2011 Iglesias was distinguished as Commendatore of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity for his work in the A. Spinelli Chair, awarded by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. He was a university Professor at UCES (Theory of Globalization) and at UB (International Governability). He has specialized in the political aspects of globalization, publishing several books including “Globalizing democracy” and “Global modernity”.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Nose for Trouble with Michael Ainslie

Sometimes, the greatest lessons in life are a direct result of the adversities we face. In today's episode I speak to a businessman who recently released memoir of lessons learned to help the next generation of leaders called "A nose for trouble." In his book he reveals he has, amongst other things:- Seen firsthand the events that led to the largest bankruptcy filing in US history The ex-chair of Sotheby's sent to prison. escaped a riot in Vietnam Faced death threats in NYC, AND; Meet with First Lady Nancy Reagan on the day her husband was shot, Michael Ainslie is the former president and CEO of Sotheby's, the former president and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Prevention, and a former director of Lehman Brothers. He was also the founding chairman of the Posse Foundation, serving in that role for 13 years and continuing today as an active board member and mentor to scores of Posse scholars and alums. Posse has sent over 9,200 young urban leaders in 10-person cohorts (posses) to elite universities on full-tuition leadership scholarships. 90% of Posse scholars graduate, and they are taking on leadership roles in the workplace. Check out A Nose for Trouble on Amazon!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Spark Off Your Tremendous Leadership with Dr. Tracey Jones

In this episode I speak to Dr. Tracey Jones who is a former Air Force officer, she has four decades of leadership experience. She has written eight books and is also the president of Tremendous Leadership. Many keynote speakers can be entertaining, but Tracey brings a unique approach to motivation that includes a call to action, complete with tools you can put to immediate use. Tracey is able to address the root issue you need targeted, and jump-start the transformation you need to become tremendous. Author, speaker, Air Force Academy graduate, decorated Veteran, international leadership expert, scholar, and researcher, Tracey C. Jones is the President of Tremendous Leadership. She has released, Beyond Tremendous: Raising the Bar on Life, to help others move beyond the ordinary to generate their best identity, and A Message to Millennials, encouraging the next generation of leaders by teaching the importance of followership. Her latest book, SPARK: Five Essentials to Igniting the Greatness Within, includes her doctoral research and is currently available for pre-sale. With the research she has done, and her lifelong pursuit of learning, she is always looking for opportunities to help businesses with Continuing Education Credits to invest value into their employees. Website:

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Nourishment Vitality for Overcoming Stress with Sheryl Puterman

Sheryl is the Founder and CEO at Nourishment Vitality Coaching. Sheryl is an internationally trained and Certified Mind-Body Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner. She is also an expert in Stress Relief Management & Conscious Relationships, & trained at the world’s leading school in nutritional psychology. Sheryl is also a graduate of multiple programs and courses including conscious relationships and stress relief management. Sheryl has spoken on and shared international stages throughout the world. Sheryl and her family are survivors of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. An event that left her with a very deep understanding of human vulnerability, & was the leading catalyst that has led to her studies and expertise on the science of stress and healing power of breath. Nourishment Vitality incorporates the best of mind-science, correct nutrition and psychology practices to enable a permanent shift to sustainable change. Nourishment Vitality helps you activate your energy to accelerate your productivity & performance using strategies to help you overcome stress , fatigue, bad eating habits, weight issues and more. Nourishment Vitality has helped countless numbers of people move forward and optimize their lives with confidence. Website:

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