Saturday, August 29, 2020

Helping physicians and other first responders cope with the Covid-19 pandemic with Lawrence Lazarus, M.D.

Lawrence W. Lazarus, M.D., has spent his forty-year career specializing in geriatric medicine and psychiatry, primarily at Rush Medical School and University in Chicago, Illinois. He has written about the overwhelming stresses experienced by physicians, nurses, therapists and other first responders to the ravages of Covid-19, their vulnerability to traumatic stress and the importance of providing early interventions. He, with co-author Dr. Jeff Foster, recently published “Insider’s Guide to Quality, Affordable Healthcare,” selected by Book Authority as “one of the 12 best healthcare books in the world to read in 2020.” The book is available on or by contacting Dr. Lazarus is currently in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Website: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Why Your Company’s Culture Matters— Especially in the Throes of Systemic Inequalites with Dan Bruder

Dan Bruder is the CEO of Fusion Dynamics Group, an international strategy and leadership consulting firm based in Colorado. He has an accomplished background in executive leadership, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing operations, brand development, customer service, and corporate finance. Drawing on his 30-plus years of personal leadership, he created The Blendification® System, a series of workshops and keynotes blending culture, strategy, and execution to help companies, individuals, and communities realize their potential. He is a faculty member of Colorado State University’s Executive MBA program and the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Graduate Leeds School of Business. Learn more about his new book, The Blendification® System, at The Blendification® System Book at Amazon: TedTalk: Website: LinkedIn Profile: Published Articles: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Providing Mental Health, De-escalation and Resiliency Training to teachers, police and community stakeholders with Lynn Shaw

Lynette Shaw, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Lynn Shaw Group (Shaw Training Solutions LLC). Lynette has developed workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of countless men, women and children in the field of mental health services and awareness. Her background in psychology along with various trainings and certifications in Crisis Interventions and Mental Health First Aid has made her a go to and sought after authority across the country. Lynette has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement ranging from fugitive investigator to police sergeant. For the last 14 years she has served as Coordinator for the Passaic County Crisis Intervention Team where she develops curriculum, works with mental health professionals, and trains community employees. Drawn to community engagement and innovation, she has created patrol programs, implemented a bicycle squad, developed programming such as DWI simulations, Rape Aggression Defense Classes, Domestic Violence Seminars and various Safety Precaution Programs. Lynette has also worked extensively with veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq as they transitioned into college and their communities. In this role she fully designed, developed and implemented a “one stop shop” Office of Veteran and Military Affairs at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. In 2018 The Lynn Shaw Group was established to provide Mental Health, De-escalation and Resiliency Training to teachers, police and community stakeholders. This company was conceptualized from her own experiences with PTSD and her mental health journey. She felt the need to tell her story so those who suffer in silence would know that they are not alone and together we can erase the stigma associated with mental health. To date Lynette has trained over 5,000 professionals across the country and has addressed audiences in excess of 8,000 people. She has also appeared on the nationally syndicated talk show Women on the Move. Website: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Creating powerful beliefs about your worthiness and success with Wendi Friesen

Wendi is a worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life's difficult problems. Since 1994 her site at has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight, wisdom, and spiritual growth to people in need. She can help you. She is often described by my colleagues as a powerful healer, teacher, and creative marketing expert, and they tell her she is one of the most loved transformational trainers in the world. As a flat broke single mother of two, with no resources, money, help, or partners, she created a transformation business for devoted followers who seek real change. Her work caught the attention of the media and she quickly became an authority on how to make a rapid and massive change in your mind, body, and spiritual life. grew to experience millions in sales in a short time, reaching the hearts and minds of people who understood how her sincerity and passion could transform their lives. Wendi has created over 300 programs on audio and video that will teach you how to really use your brain! The programs lead you through a process of changing your brain's neural networks, the chemicals of depression, and the habitual and compulsive thoughts that prevent them from being happy. She's been called a miracle worker and has helped doctors who refer their patients to me to do what they might consider impossible. Her work with the medical hypnosis has freed people from chronic pain, ended debilitating phobias, released the effects of PTSD, ended the torture of relentless migraines, and cured many so-called incurable conditions. It is remarkable what the mind can do when given the right stuff. Her recorded programs use powerful therapy that rewires the neural pathways in the brain and results in amazing outcomes. She's committed to breaking new ground in the treatment of addiction. After numerous frustrating attempts to help her son with years of addiction, she created a powerful program that is based on the new science of how the brain can be changed through meditation, hypnosis, NLP, and energetic methods. Everything that you experience affects your ability to be effective, happy, motivated, and successful. Life is full of ups and downs and how you manage your experiences will determine how you react to new experiences in your life. You can be devastated by an event or empowered and determined. Her experience with hypnosis has taught her how to shift the way the brain reacts and how she respond to life’s experiences. WHAT IS NEXT? She is on a mission to change the way the world treats addiction. The crisis of addiction is one she takes personally. Her success in helping those who've lost hope is proof that she can change the minds, hearts, and lives of addicts and their families. It is not enough to just end your addiction, it is about building a valuable and exciting life and restoring your heart and soul. Locking someone in a treatment center for 30 days and driving them to AA meetings does nothing to change the emotional, mental, and physical destruction that an addict endures. Loving family members have few choices when seeking a treatment that creates deep and lasting change. She is training therapists, counselors, and addiction centers to use powerful methods that they can implement in their centers. It is time to open our eyes to the reality that most addiction treatment has less than a 10% success rate. It is time for a change. Website: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chasing The Power of What If..? with Allen Brown

Allen T. Brown came from humble beginnings and managed to become wealthy through the power of his mind and limitless optimism. He made his fortune in Colorado and California, turning $12.00 into $30 million. Today, he maintains shopping centers in both states. Allen never ceases growing and continues his education to this day, from becoming one of the top amateur ballroom dancers to learning classical piano. He maintains the courage to be curious and, of course, the courage to act on that curiosity. He feels that only the impossible is worthy of his time and mind. “You are never done learning. You are never finished with today’s adventure.” — Allen T. Brown FUN FACTS ABOUT ALLEN: • He turned $12.00 into $30 million. This accomplishment inspired him to write his new book, Dancing Through Life. • Allen did not achieve without overcoming defeat. He was fired from teaching twice and even worked odd jobs for only $2/hour. All of these events transpired before he became successful through his commercial laundry business in Vail, CO. • Allen started racing sailboats in his 40s and did it for about 15 years. The largest boat he owned was a 40 ft custom-built boat–of which he won plenty of trophies. • Allen picked up ballroom dancing in his 70s and practiced until he won the World Amateur Ballroom Dancing Championship. • Allen continues to follow the What if…? question today as a student learning classical piano from an award-winning classical pianist. To learn more about Allen, please visit If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Creating Community and Connection with Tony Chatman

Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, Chase Bank, Estée Lauder, N.O.A.A. and N.A.S.A. to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better. As a leadership keynote speaker, his passion is contagious, and his messages provide practical, usable knowledge that people implement immediately for business and personal success. Tony’s ability to help leaders, team members, and people from every background and diversity adopt empowering mindsets and strategies that allow them to adapt, reinvent, and transform the results they produce both personally and professionally. Recognized for his stage presence and intensity, Tony delivers the kind of results that consistently garner outstanding and enthusiastic reviews. His profound ability to connect with every audience member ensures they come away feeling that he spoke directly to them and impacted by his message. Tony was only the second African American to receive a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University’s prestigious Paper Science and Technology School. Upon completion of his degree, Tony worked for a number of years as a chemical engineer for a Fortune 500 company. It was during this phase of his life that he had a life changing interaction with an at-risk youth. This moment left such profound impression on him that he left both his corporate career (while nearing the completion of his first patent) and his graduate studies at the University of Chicago to work in the non-profit sector with the desire to make an impact on the communities around him. It was this work, which often included counseling groups and individuals that led Tony to begin studying human behavior with the intent or understanding what makes people tick, excel, and change. Tony Chatman delivers presentations that are an entertaining and impassioned balance of both science and practical insight. Tony breaks down tough topics such as unconscious bias, change management and leadership. He creates a new, stronger foundation for true leadership. Audiences leave focused and motivated to turn individual differences into business advantages. Currently, Tony serves as a board member for the Captain Phillips Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust. Tony recently completed his first book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins and in 2018 he delivered his first TEDx talk – How to Stop Settling for Less. Website: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

The current and future landscape of education with Kevin Stoller

Kevin Stoller is Co-Founder and President of Kay-Twelve, a leading national distributor of educational furniture. Kay-Twelve helps schools create better learning environments. Working with hundreds of schools around the country, Kevin is passionate about helping educators think outside of the box to focus on individual student needs. Kevin earned a Master’s in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University. Kevin is active in the entrepreneurial community, hosts several podcasts, leads workshops to help educators improve the learning environment and is the author of Creating Better Learning Environments. With many family members in the education community, he has sought ways to incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset into the school community. Kevin hosts a podcast, Better Learning, that connects a wide variety of change makers in the education community. Many of the lessons learned from successful – and failing education initiatives – can be applied to other environments. Kay-Twelve has helped improve learning environments for over 205,000 students and was recently named to the Inc 5000 list for fasting growing companies in America. On a personal note, Kevin spends as much time as possible with his wife, Darci, and their 3 children, Grant, Maggie & Tessa. Website: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Overcoming adversity and making money online amid the coronavirus crisis with Arn Terry

Back in 2008 when we went through a Global Recession, Arn was NOT READY and he nearly lost everything!!!!! He was distracted but for good reason..... 2005 bought my first house with my fiancee.... 2007 married his fiancee with a honeymoon to Excellence Rivera, Cancun...... (all on LOANS!!!) he was so happy and on cloud 9, his childhood sweetheart and himself married and ready to begin their lives together, what could go wrong...... Then onto 2008 his daughter was born in July, one of the best moments in his life to date, first born and a complete new experience and a little person so devoted to Arn, this was all happening right in the middle of the 2008 global crisis, Arn was a Recruitment Consultant at the time and just landed some large clients one being Perot Systems (basically they where a competitor to IBM) Money was stilling coming in, he bought a nearly new Audi A4 2.4 S-Line like you do..... then BANG! Everything stopped!! .... one of his clients was Bear Stearns who was a global investment bank then like dominoes his clients was disappearing one by one, he worked harder and longer hours but it just did not help, if companies are not recruiting then you can't do anything about it... Feeling alone, tired and failing fast with his debts rising he did the only thing he knew and followed the majority.... So at the back end of the 2008 he took a job at Tesco Supermarket (Thurs - Sun) as an additional job to bring in more money due to difficult times..... so this meant on Thurs and Friday starting his recruitment job at 08:15 finishing at 6ish then straight to Tesco for 4 hours of more work......... Saturday would be a 10am to 7pm and working a Sunday 10 to 4pm.... That is the definition of crazy to me! But he did not know any better.....No time with his wife or his baby girl... but he had to provide for his family and keep going because they had bills to pay...(Wedding and honeymoon was on a LOAN) he sold his car and bought a banger............................... this was an easy decision but sooooo difficult for him as he thought he deserved a nice car because he was working hard but instead he was gathering more liabilities taking more money out of his pocket... The Car that he bought, all the electrics failed so he had no indicators, the wipers failed and stopped working the engine made a loud knocking sound and the speedometer did not even work so he had to view the revs to guesstimate the speed he was travelling, embarrassment, shame disappointment, failure feeling sorry for himself was all the emotions he was feeling and going through..How did this happen to him? He made it through the tough times with that part time job and full time job and deiced that he can't put his family and himself through that situation again........but failed over the years............... time and time again at different business ideas, hedid not want to be in the same situation again from 2008 after multiple setbacks to find a side business that would pay me more than my normal working day....... Arn thinks he has found the solution and answer==============> He invested his time and money to learn about making money online by using social media so when the Virus crisis happened in 2020 he was ready FOR IT👊🏿 His Recruitment Business (International Head-Hunting Firm) Daniel Ernest STOPPED completely just like in 2008 when he worked for a company, however this time Arn was also consulting companies on increasing social media and online presence and charging a consulting FEE and when that started to slow down due to COVID-19..........well all he did was push more time into affiliate marketing, his blog and his YouTube channel to generate another source of income.... Website: - blog Youtube channel: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mindfulness Tips to Reduce Anxiety During the Coronavirus Scare with Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, named in the 100 Best Mindfulness Books of All Time by BookAuthority. She is a certified life coach and mindfulness teacher, specializing in transformational thinking, self-discovery and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers. Contact her at If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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