Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chasing The Power of What If..? with Allen Brown

Allen T. Brown came from humble beginnings and managed to become wealthy through the power of his mind and limitless optimism. He made his fortune in Colorado and California, turning $12.00 into $30 million. Today, he maintains shopping centers in both states. Allen never ceases growing and continues his education to this day, from becoming one of the top amateur ballroom dancers to learning classical piano. He maintains the courage to be curious and, of course, the courage to act on that curiosity. He feels that only the impossible is worthy of his time and mind. “You are never done learning. You are never finished with today’s adventure.” — Allen T. Brown FUN FACTS ABOUT ALLEN: • He turned $12.00 into $30 million. This accomplishment inspired him to write his new book, Dancing Through Life. • Allen did not achieve without overcoming defeat. He was fired from teaching twice and even worked odd jobs for only $2/hour. All of these events transpired before he became successful through his commercial laundry business in Vail, CO. • Allen started racing sailboats in his 40s and did it for about 15 years. The largest boat he owned was a 40 ft custom-built boat–of which he won plenty of trophies. • Allen picked up ballroom dancing in his 70s and practiced until he won the World Amateur Ballroom Dancing Championship. • Allen continues to follow the What if…? question today as a student learning classical piano from an award-winning classical pianist. To learn more about Allen, please visit If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions.

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