Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Everyone Needs A Hero with Aimé Mukendi, Jr

Aimé Mukendi, Jr. also known as Sir Aimézing is a life coach, entrepreneur, podcast host, talk show host, motivational speaker, and best selling author of Everyone Needs A Hero: Why Can't It Be You? He is president of The Shift & Crew, LLC, a SkoVu-TV Show host, and president of Morningstar Miracles Foundation, Inc. He has received many awards including an award from the Changemakers 30 Under 30 awards. Aimé Mukendi, Jr. speaks at business events, virtual events, colleges, workshops, conferences, and events and was the special guest speaker at the "You Deserve It" Love, Happiness, and Success Tour event with Stephan Labossiere aka Stephan Speaks. He is a resource to businesses, non-profit, small business, and community leaders. Aimé Mukendi, Jr. is featured in broadcast, national media and international media. For more information on Aimé Mukendi, Jr., visit: siraimezing.com Follow Aimé Mukendi, Jr. on social media: @SirAimezing If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- https://ratethispodcast.com/rate and follow the simple instructions.

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