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July 31, 2020

'Action - Flow - Energy - Love' - taking you from surviving to thriving with Judy Dyer

'Action - Flow - Energy - Love' - taking you from surviving to thriving with Judy Dyer
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Judy, who woke up to her spiritual path 25 years ago is based in Nottingham UK (Robin Hood Country). Growing up with a lack of love she always felt that there was something missing, that she was different and felt like a square peg in a round hole. Her now highly coveted role that guides women (and men) through their own spiritual journey of healing and back to the true essence of themselves is being highly prized. Judy, who has been researching and working with spiritual platforms and ascension for over twenty five years, realizes that when you think you’ve found something else new, in reality you realise you know nothing at all in theory and every day is a new opportunity to learn again. One of her favourite lines is “Every days a school day”. Throughout her studies, practices and work with clients all over the world she discovered many innovations that were really integral to many revelations shared by many people and that we're having a great and positive effect on their health, happiness, well being, and even successful lifestyle. From these findings, and forged with her great experience in many other holistic disciplines, including recently kundalini yoga, she has engineered the winning and game-changing AFEL technique. Judy has always had a passion for fitness health and wellness and believing in a balance of everything which constitutes equilibrium. Teaching fitness, mind and body coaching for the last 35 years she has developed the AFEL technique so it is perfect for every woman or man, at any stage of fitness, development, or experience. Working closely with the concept of the harmony of mind and body, she uses many strict and enlightened formulas to tweak bespoke her AFEL model to fit her client's needs, like good nutrition. Judy, in her long journey, doesn’t like labels and identifies herself as a Peak Body Balance Practitioner knowing everyone will be needing something different. The AFEL methodology taking you from surviving to thriving, goes right to the heart of what we need as human beings and stands for: 'Action - Flow - Energy - Love'. These four wonderful disciplines correlating making up a very innovative system that balances and enhances every aspect of your life including Emotional Physical and Spiritual. Judy's wonderful website has gone live recently and It is called www.afelrosegarden.com as many of the techniques work with the chakras and Judy has chosen a fragrant rose to align with each chakra. There are also 4 free meditations to compliment the program to give it more visual and an opportunity to sign up for a free monthly newsletter. It really is helping so many people. Judy’s mission is to help others like valued souls to elevate their consciousness. Aware that helping others with her specialized elevates her own consciousness, she loves what she does in the world as this aligns with her life purpose. Available on the website soon will also be an eBook to download alongside the program. Judy is really coming into her own now and has some exciting titles coming on the great knowledge she has learned over her long career and also what the AFEL methodology is really about. She hopes the AFEL Ebook should be complete and ready within the next few weeks. Judy wrote her first book which was published 10 years ago called heavenread.com. Anyone signing up to any of her programms will receive a free signed copy. Judy believes and knows that now is a very exciting time for us all in the world. As we come from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian age releasing the Patriarchal into the divine feminine pure heart energy, we really are heading into a wonderful place.

Website: https://afelrosegarden.com

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