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April 6, 2022

Author Interview - 365 ways to have a good day with Ian Sanders

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In this episode I talk to Ian Sanders who is the Author of the new book, 365 WAYS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY: A Day-By-Day Guide to Enjoying a More Successful, Fulfilling Life.

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Ian Sanders


IAN SANDERS is on a mission to get people firing on all cylinders about their work – how and where they do it, what they need to do to get creative, how to be more energized, how to do the work that matters. Ian's passionate and fresh approach in all he does workshops, presentations, storytelling and one-to-one walking coaching sessions – sparks change and inspires leaders, organizations, teams and individuals.

Sanders has built an unconventional career out of following his curiosity and sharing what he’s learned along the way. This journey of discovery has opened all kinds of unexpected doors including working for BBC local radio while still a teenager; launching a marketing business by accident and running ad campaigns for Benetton; writing about work and business for the Financial Times; training BBC journalists about storytelling; working backstage for the digital media team at The World Economic Forum in Davos; giving talks at various events including South By South West Interactive in Austin, Texas and The Do Lectures; running workshops for organizations such as General Assembly, Ericsson and Microsoft; leading urban-walk coaching sessions; being managing director of a radio studio business; and co-managing a band.