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Feb. 23, 2023

Author Interview - Cancer’s Gift with Les Whitney

In this episode talk to Les Whitney who is a leading authority in the field of leadership. He is a Vistage Master Chair and leads

three groups of highly successful business owners and CEOs.

In December 2018 Les was diagnosed with a brain tumor and Stage IV lung cancer. His experience in living with incurable

cancer, with all the physical and emotional ups and downs, Has led him to become an advocate and inspiration for cancer

patients, their families, and caregivers. His ongoing battle has inspired him to write his book, Cancer’s Gift, which was launched

at the end of 2022.

His story has paved the path and eased the pain for many of those following him on his cancer journey. Having him as a guest on

this episode will help him share his advocacy and help inspire more people.


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Les Whitney

Cancer's Gifts: A Loving Journey Towards the Final Chapter

After a 20 year career as a company president and 17 years as a coach and mentor to CEOs and business owners my life was rocked by an unexpected surprise. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and incurable stage IV lung cancer. I was given a less than 5% chance to live to see today.
While living through brain surgery, radiation and 67 chemo sessions has not been easy, I am living a blessed life. I've been able to help hundreds of people live amazing lives regardless of the obstacles that have been placed before them. From the beginning I've blogged my journey on Caringbridge.org. And now, I've turned that blog into a book; Cancer's Gifts: A Loving Journey Towards the Final Chapter.
It is my personal goal to impact 100,000 people with my message that life can go wonderful regardless of the challenges we face. We can chose to respond to obstacles in a positive and loving way.