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March 30, 2023

Author Interview - Network” Is Not a Verb with Ellen Poole

Author Interview - Network” Is Not a Verb with Ellen Poole
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Do you know people who blindly add everyone on their LinkedIn because they were told that’s a good networking strategy? Or, do you know people who dread the idea of networking but believe it’s necessary for career growth? Maybe, you are one of these people. If so, breathe a sigh of relief because “networking” like this is no longer the answer, and former USAA Government Relations AVP Ellen Poole explains its mythical value in our culture and what to do instead to grow your professional network. Ellen rejects traditional “networking” as the way to form meaningful relationships. Instead, she shares how you can genuinely foster supportive professional connections and make yourself more valuable as a potential member of others’ professional networks in her new book “Network” Is Not a Verb.

Advancing in your career can be intimidating, especially as major companies freeze hiring and lay off thousands. But, building the right network to get that job doesn’t have to be intimidating.

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