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April 16, 2020

Being healthier, happier & living your dream with Elizabeth Sherman

Being healthier, happier & living your dream with Elizabeth Sherman
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In 2017, Elizabeth and her husband packed up our 2 dogs, sold everything, left the American Dream life to live in a Mexican beach town. Had you told her that this would be her life 20 years ago, when she watched her mother pass away from breast cancer - that this was going to be her life - she never would have believed you.

Back then, she was traveling 75% of her time, working as an executive in a software company, living alone (with my cats), overweight, stressed out, and not living her authentic life. Today, she is healthy, in love, living in Mexico, and helping women become the best versions of themselves. She is living the dream.

She's a life & weight loss coach. She helps my clients to identify & overcome limiting beliefs, and turn around negative thought patterns in their life so that they can get consistent in their health habits.

She can help improve personal & professional performance, overcome barriers and achieve happiness by helping them to identify & overcome obstacles, and create easy to do, sustainable habits.

She helps folks in midlife regain their confidence by creating simple, easy to do habits in the areas of eating, exercising, sleeping stress management, and body image. Get rid of the obstacles and barriers getting in the way of their success.

She specialize in balancing hormones through focusing on her clients energy levels, hunger, cravings, and quality of sleep and mood.

If success was simply about knowing what to do, we would create a goal & follow through. The real question is why aren't we consistent with pursuing our goals & dreams when we know what we should be doing?

The truth is that we all know the basics and what we should be doing to live a healthy & successful life. So why then do so many folks struggle with their weight, relationships, time management, and managing their stress?

Through years of helping folks establish healthy, easy to do habits, She started getting curious why habits worked for some and not for others. Why, after 20 years of not smoking, did someone decide to pick the habit back up again?

The answer to that question is a little complicated, but through helping her clients discover the sneaky thoughts in our mind - everything from limiting beliefs and our identity - She's able to help her clients FINALLY follow their desires, stick to their healthy habits, gain confidence, and be happy.

She works mostly with health and weight loss, however is able to coach on relationships, careers, or money because those areas of our life have a huge impact on our lifestyle habits.

Website: https://elizabethsherman.com

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