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Dec. 23, 2020

Beyond Leadership with Noa Ronen

Beyond Leadership with Noa Ronen
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Noa Ronen, Speaker, certified coach, author, vlogger, disruptor and coffee lover brings more than 20 years of experience in Change Management, Human Resources, Project Management, and coaching. Noa encourages progressive business leaders, executives, individuals and teams to never settle on the norms so they can create the change they desire. Noa’s personal relocation experience resulted in a refreshing view of the world that invites you rather than looking for the differences in others to open your mind and heart to see people and situations differently. This is what Noa calls Beyond Leadership where your new way of being inspires and influences others. She is the author of the book: BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess: Dare to BE the Leader You Can Be. That you can purchase on Amazon.

Website https://www.noaronencoaching.com

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