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June 8, 2022

Body Type Science - The Four Body Types with Marc Nelson

Body Type Science - The Four Body Types with Marc Nelson
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In this episode I talk to Marc Nelson who is the lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research and has pioneered Body Type Science since 2003 - the only scientific body types.

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Marc NelsonProfile Photo

Marc Nelson

Lead Scientific Researcher

Lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research. I have pioneered Body Type Science (The Four Body Types) since 2003 including creating the only Online Worldwide Science-Based Health Community Website which offers the Scientific Body Type Quiz and Scientific Weight Loss Programs (Basic and Advanced). Our website offers free public access to the scientific health knowledge-base & research data, including science-based diet, exercise, lifestyle, metabolism, BMR, Body Mass Index (BMI), fat, skinny fat (normal weight obesity, cellulite, thin fat, saggy skin, loose skin, crepey skin), obesity, vertebrae & muscles/muscle mass development, and genetics/DNA information. We are the ONLY scientific body types in existence. All other body types are unscientific. There is a direct scientific correlation between body type, skinny fat, excess fat, being overweight, and obesity. Our mission is to help wrangle and overcome the global health crisis including the obesity epidemic.