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May 21, 2021

Born to Stand Out Not to Fit In with Teuta Avdyli

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Teuta Avdyli – is a wife mother of two beautiful children. An author actively writing about her calling and purpose in life. She is a Transformational and Parenting Coach. Her approach is very simple: Educate, Inspire and Support. Her passion is to bring to the world an education reformed system, teaching parents super skills and how to leave a legacy of love. She empowers women how to overcome in times of adversities. How to live an extraordinary, happy and fullfiled life. Her first book titled ‘Born to Stand Out Not to Fit In" was global bestseller in six categories in Amazon. A full proof strategjy on helping women to find their greatness and live their brilliance. Her 2nd book titled “ Family Legacy of Love" soon to be published. Teuta is an Transformation Coach, International Motivational Speaker, Women’s Empowerment & Positive Parenting Coach, Spiritual Seeker.Teuta manifests multifaceted leadership with compassion & humility.

Website: http://teut vdyli.com

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