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April 29, 2021

Challenging human rights issues with Cetvies Cetvies

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Cetvies is a blogger and holds a BSc/MA graduate in social sciences and political sciences with human rights for single honour speciality. She campaign's and write on human trafficking amongst other topics and have a strong interest in human rights, environmental rights, animal rights, LGBT, politics, the news, IR, current affairs, society, philosophy and spirituality in general. She shares herknowledge and opinion on many subjects. She writes on many subjects but when human rights is concerned, if she had to prioritize the most important topics she could talk about, it would be child sexual trafficking, the extent of censorship in China ( and organ trafficking in China, the belt road initiative, the debt trap in Africa, and free Tibet) and the rights of other species, from environmental issues to especially talking about animal suffering and veganism/vegetarianism.

Website: www.inthenameofhumanrights.com

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