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Dec. 10, 2020

Change your life for the better with Joseph Oniwor

Change your life for the better with Joseph Oniwor
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Joseph Oniwor is a pro arena football player turned breakthrough transformation trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 28 years. Currently, he is focusing on helping others regain confidence with in themselves and pursue their dreams. He is a firm believer that by incorporating mindfulness, holistic lifestyle changes, and a workout regiment, anyone can reach their goals. In his past, Joe and his family had struggled with weight and health. By turning to a healthier lifestyle, he was able to lose up to 110 lbs. He would love to chat about the emotional and physical struggles that comes along with an extreme life transformation. As seen on Netflix's original documentary about Orange Theory, Joe would love to discuss his tips and tricks on how to take the big leap and change your life for the better.

Website: https://jocoaching.life

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