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Oct. 16, 2020

Creating a Joy-filled Life with Denise Zavitson

Creating a Joy-filled Life with Denise Zavitson

Denise is a speaker, author, adventurer, champion of change and empowerment coach and she's dedicated to helping others create a life filled with joy and purpose by understanding, embracing and practicing her 7 Daily Principles for Living. Following her own experience with personal loss; culminating in a tragic accident that claimed the lives of three family members, she embarked on a personal pilgrimage--her very own Walden Pond experience--retreating to an isolated cabin in Tennessee to read, study, reflect and identify practices that would propel her towards a life of greater joy and abundance. During this time, she was inspired to compose Seven Affirmations that have become part of her daily practice. These Pillars of Truth have helped her move past negative emotions and destructive habits to a place of purpose, joy and abundance. She is sharing these Affirmations and other lessons she's learned along the way in her books, online courses and coaching to help others find their greater purpose and a life of joy and abundance.

Website: https://www.denisezavitson.com

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