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April 10, 2020

Creating health resilience amid COVID 19 and beyond with Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD

Creating health resilience amid COVID 19 and beyond with Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD
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In this episode I speak to Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD who is a Medical Doctor Specializing in Functional Medicine and will help you understand COVID19 and what you need to do to protect yourselves and create resilient health. Board Certified MD with over two decades of clinical and research experience. Fellowship trained by the American Academy of Anti Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. Has been featured on CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, First For Women Magazine and others. Host of Her Brilliant Health Revolution Podcast with Dr. Kyrin. Dr. Kyrin has moved beyond her career as a community OBGYN and Functional Medicine Expert and now teaches women what true health is and how to create it naturally. Board Certified throughout her clinical career, she brings over 20 years of medical expertise to women who are seeking answers to their healthcare concerns. As a “doctorpreneur”, instead of delivering babies, she is now delivering inspirational and vital information on creating optimal health to women. By moving beyond the clinic walls, she is making vital information available and delivering women to their own healthiest, best lives. Dr. Kyrin’s experience and expertise combine with her warm and relatable manner in her interviews, presentations and seminars to provide women with true understanding, inspiration and actionable items. Her knowledge of both traditional health practices and natural treatment options offers a unique and comprehensive picture for women to view their health holistically and take steps to achieve it. Website: https://www.kyrindunstonmd.com

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