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Dec. 7, 2019

Eat Happy with Actor and Comedian Anna Vocino

Eat Happy with Actor and Comedian Anna Vocino
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Anna is an actor, comic, voice-over-er, and podcaster, which are some pretty good day jobs to support her real passion--being a home cook blogger, food photographer and cookbook author.

When she was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002, she made it her mission to create easy to make, delicious, gluten-free, low-carb versions of her favorite comfort foods from her half Italian, half Southern-girl heritage. She has gathered them all up into her two fantastic cookbooks, Eat Happy and Eat Happy Too.

In 2012, she partnered with the inimitable Vinnie Tortorich to co-host and produce The Angriest Trainer Podcast, and her recipes these days are mostly free from sugars and grains—the Vinnie term is NSNG—No Sugars; No Grains. I use fresh ingredients whenever possible, and I keep things simple.

Though she avoid sugars and grains 95% of the time, she is not a machine. she has a heart and hormones like any other lass. There are lots of gluten-free sweets in her books because she believes that if you are gonna treat yourself, you should do it right by doing it from scratch.

She also likes hiking, books, vodka, and going to Italy, and loves her husband, daughter, and dog. If you laugh at her jokes, you’ll probably be fast friends. If you make her laugh, you’ll probably be best friends. Sometimes she is on TV, but mostly she is behind a microphone.

Check out Anna's website here: http://annavocino.com

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