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Season 1

Feb. 21, 2019

From sore loser to great leader with Lawrence Thompson

Lawrence Thompson has been in the Military for 17 years and is currently a Staff-Sergeant with the US Air Force. He is also the author of two books, has his own podcast show ( The Antidote), a public speaker, Leadership …

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Feb. 15, 2019

The comedic gift of a former recovering addict with Sarge

In this episode I speak to comedian Sarge whom is an extraordinary entertainer that has performed worldwide to adoring audiences. But Sarge’s road to success has not been smoothly paved. Florida-born, he was adopted by Jewish...

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Feb. 7, 2019

The 'No Border' serial entrepreneur with Joseph Snyder

A serial entrepreneur for over fifteen years, in his early twenties, Joseph Snyder started his career in real estate, then began working in risk management, where he built an agency into 32 states that serves thousands of cli...

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Jan. 31, 2019

Inside the life of an accomplished Hollywood actor with Rick Lenz

Accomplished actor-playwright-artist and now author Rick Lenz is a veteran of stage, television and the silver screen. He's worked with some the biggest names in the history of Hollywood acting along side of or rubbing should...

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Jan. 30, 2019

Discover and live your masterful purpose with Pamela Peté

USAF Veteran Pamela Peté is a motivational/transformational speaker, spoken word artist, author and goal coach. Pamela speaks into the lives of broken women, as a result her audience is able to acknowledge their value, have c...

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Jan. 18, 2019

Trump, Brexit, and the World - What's next? with Christian Hanley

Make no bones about it, Trump and Brexit has been grabbing peoples attention around the world and has made political history. In this episode I discuss with US politics expert Christian Hanley what has been going on over the ...

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