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March 26, 2020

Eradicating a toxic workplace with Simon Thiessen

Eradicating a toxic workplace with Simon Thiessen
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Simon has a passion for shaping the working climate and bottom line performance in organisations. He works with clients to build cultures in which people produce sustained exceptional results, work closely with the organisation’s values, and enjoy coming to work – and bringing their best self with them! Simon delivers these results through a combination of learning workshops, strategic consulting and coaching. Simon’s ability to make learning relevant and engaging allows participants to apply what they learn to produce both immediate and sustained results. When Simon works with your people, he combines a broad understanding of organisational culture and performance with the practical skills and strategies that allowed him to grow The Real Learning Experience from a start up into learning and development network of partners operating across Australia and internationally. Simon is also dynamic keynote speaker who inspires, entertains and provokes an audience to take action.

Simon is married to Jane and has four children. As an enthusiastic triathlete, Simon has competed in literally hundreds of triathlons and multisport events. In 2004 he achieved a major personal goal by completing Ironman Australia and since 2011 he has represented Australia in 11 events at World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Beijing, Auckland, Chicago, Adelaide and Cozumel (Mexico). 

AWAY FROM WORK Simon is also an aspiring novelist and a passionate supporter of children with dyslexia. 

Check out Simon's website: https://www.reallearning.com.au/

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