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May 23, 2021

From being a plain Tim Ferris fan to becoming the CEO of a stunning marketing agency with Jason How

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Jason How is the Managing Director of Agency J, a digital marketing agency that has produced $20M+ in verifiable revenue for clients, including education institutions, insurance carriers, and eCommerce companies. He also served as an enterprise consultant to Hootsuite's most valued enterprise customers. Jason realized he had no passion for the career he was pursuing. After reading a post on Tim Ferriss' blog, he worked his way into "social media marketing". As an auto-proclaimed "math nerd", he focused on writing technical articles about Facebook, which eventually led him to running social media ads for customers. He's has a solid track record working with clients in the "Education" niche. He works with coaches & course creators and helps them grow their businesses to six-figure months. In his free time, he enjoys writing articles and sharing his knowledge with others.

Website: https://agencyj.co

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