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June 17, 2020

From Communist kid to independent entrepreneur with Zuzana Dobro

From Communist kid to independent entrepreneur with Zuzana Dobro
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Zuzana helps people to gain clarity, awareness, and alignment with their target audience across every stage of their dream customer’s journey, so they can sell ideas with purpose, create expansion in people's lives, and be an independent entrepreneur. Unlike many who focus primarily on products or services to sell, she delivers solutions by applying a design-thinking philosophy using human-centered discovery, brain science alignment, and business and client synergy. She is Slovakian, born in the former Czechoslovakia. As a kid, she was told she’d never be able to leave her country and see the world or have the freedom to be whoever she wanted to be. After the Iron Curtain came down, she moved to England, speaking very little English with only £200 in her pocket. She gradually made her way through working in the creative industry and got an offer to join a big corporation. She had her “dream job” as an interaction and UX designer, but still, something felt odd... she had this unstoppable desire to fulfill her childhood dream to travel around the world, so she quit the “security”, traveled solo for 2 years, and even backpacked to Antarctica. After her trip, she merged her passion for adventure travel and human evolution with design and creative problem-solving Expertise, and she embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. She created The WHO Method to help entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, experts and agencies to get to know their customers deeply and to avoid the pitfalls of attracting the wrong people. Website: https://thewhomethod.com https://zuzanadobro.com

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