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Jan. 4, 2021

From Homelessness To Authorpreneurship with Brenda Dempsey

From Homelessness To Authorpreneurship with Brenda Dempsey
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Award Winning Entrepreneur, Coach & International Best Selling Author, Brenda Dempsey, has been speaking to audiences for fifteen years. With a 20 year background in Education, she impassions the best in others; Brenda is on a mission to create extraordinary Women in Business. Within her entrepreneurial ventures, Brenda’s dynamic, inspiring and fun approach fashions a stage, page and business in which women excel. Throughout her Authorpreneurship, Brenda has collated over 60 women’s stories of courage, struggle and transformation from around the world into two books, Voices of Courage and Voices of Hope. She has also co-authored an international best-selling book Conceived to Lead which included her chapter on Holistic Leadership - She Who Leads. As the Founder of Book Brilliance Publishing and Diamond Success Coaching, Brenda has empowered many women to use the Power of their Story to create significant change in their lives, and become extraordinary Women in Business. Being a woman of Influence, Brenda honours women to uncover their courage, unleash their voice and elevate their position within their field of expertise. Through increased confidence in themselves and business know-how, they experience greater clarity, client attraction and energise their business growth. Brenda is no stranger to the spotlight having featured in a BBC Scotland documentary on Homelessness and Period Poverty as well as several local and regional radios such as BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Surrey and UK Health Radio. Brenda is also the founder of an international social enterprise, Helping Handbags Worldwide, which focuses on Homeless women and period poverty. In her spare time, Brenda loves to travel the world experiencing the culture, local cuisine and making connections.

Website: https://bookbrilliancepublishing.com

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