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Oct. 3, 2020

Going from last to least with Casey Ryals

Going from last to least with Casey Ryals
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Casey Ryals is a successful risk manager and author of Last to Least. His experience as a student at the Medical College of Georgia instilled a passion for addressing the root cause of a problem rather than simply treating symptoms. Since entering the business sector, he has become a student of the human mind, studying motivation and the decision-making process in a search to determine what really drives us. Above all, he considers his role as husband to his wife, Alli, and father to his three daughters his most important work in life. His leadership can be summed up as ‘Encourage Wisdom. Almost every leadership author will confess that “before you can lead others you must learn to lead yourself”, yet few set out to teach self management. He believes lack of self management is the reason we are so anxious and frustrated with our work. He believes that every decision, every recommendation, every plan, is for the good of the neighbors that we serve, not simply our own profits or recognition.

Website: https://lasttoleast.com

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