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Nov. 10, 2019

Going North with Dom Brightmon

Going North with Dom Brightmon
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If you are looking for a good man, seek no more!

Whether he's reading books on leadership or handling books at his library, Dominique "Dom" Brightmon is always looking for the next great opportunity! Here is why you want to give him a chance:

Since his youth, Dominique has had the tendencies of a leader. He's been following the latest and greatest figures in society and seeks to gain the skills and mindset of those who go the furthest. He's a certified coach and speaker of the John Maxwell Team.

As an active member of Toastmasters International, he was the youngest Area Director in Region 7 at the age of 23. Under his leadership, Dominique's area became distinguished for the 2015-2016 year. 

On the platform, he actively engages with his audience and inspires them with laughter. 

Thanks to his love for reading, Dom published his book titled "Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself" and the follow-up book titled "Stay the Course: The Elite Performer's 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success".

As the host of the Going North podcast, he interviews authors around the world to help listeners become inspired to one day publish books of their own and keep overcoming the daily obstacles we all have to face. Because of this podcast, Dom was listed as one of the top ten self-help podcasters in the world alongside Brendon Burchard, Gretchen Rubin, Lewis Howes & Steve Olsher.

No doubt, no matter what Dom does, he will do it with excellence. His tenacious ability to lead and will to win will move mountains in the world. It may even change the way we get information since Dom has a secret plan on what he will do with the way we find information.



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