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April 23, 2020

Growth hack your way to success with Danielle Cuomo

Growth hack your way to success with Danielle Cuomo
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It used to be that assistants were a luxury available only to senior executives. Today's technological advances allow every entrepreneur, business owner and manager to hire their own, personal virtual assistant. Danielle Cuomo is the owner of Virtual Assist USA, a Virtual Assistant company founded in 2008. The support they provide enables their clients clients to accomplish a wide variety of tasks that would typically require an entire staff of employees, office space, expensive equipment, training periods, and substantial time and money invested. No other service offers this level of expert, convenient and affordable support.

Danielle is an award-winning entrepreneur and has been a leader in the Virtual Assistant space for more than a decade, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to delegate effectively. Danielle has a Master's in Business Administration from Penn State University.

Website: https://www.virtualassistusa.com

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