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Karen Maloney

INSIDE OUT Mindset Coach

Karen Maloney is an INSIDE OUT Coach, Silent Counselling Practitioner & Energy Therapist. She is also the Founder & Host of the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast.
Karen is a champion of ‘soul living’ and is passionate about helping people to shift their inner critic, believe in themselves & be who they were born to be.
She helps clients to uncover the subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging their desires and transform them. She believes the relationship we have with ourselves, is key to everything. When we shift this on the inside, it expresses in our external world.
From her own journey, Karen knows what’s possible for us when we do the inner work and transform how we think, feel and what we believe about ourselves. Everyone has experienced challenges, but our healing and wellbeing is our responsibility, we owe it to ourselves!
Karen is passionate about helping people to embrace this journey, and love both themselves and their life again. It’s not always comfortable work, but it is the most powerful work a person can do.
Karen spent most of her life being a perfectionist, emotionally numb, and the ‘black sheep’. Quietly curious at the same time, she was drawn to books, energy therapies and all things ‘esoteric’ growing up but she pretty much kept that part of herself hidden. It took a traumatic breakup in 2016 to finally wake her up to the fact that she was the common denominator in her life, and that her life and happiness was her responsibility.
From then, she undertook the inner work to change the subconscious beliefs that were controlling her life. Everything shifted for her, and now it’s her mission to help others to do the same. No matter how you are currently feeling or operating, there is another way!

Inside out mindset with Karen Maloney
May 18, 2022

Inside out mindset with Karen Maloney

In this episode I talk to Karen Maloney who has learnt many life lessons from backpacking all around the world, always feelings like the 'black sheep' & rising through a traumatic breakup. She works as an INSIDE OUT Mindset C...

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