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Kristina McKean

Founder of The Elephant Project

Kristina McKean is the founder of The Elephant Project. A seasoned entrepreneur and product design specialist, Kristina has leveraged the extensive experience she gained while working for multinational clients and corporations like The Gap to create a cuddly way for the next generation of philanthropists to help action sustainable change today: The Elephant Project. Kristina has doubled down on her life- long passion for animal protection and wildlife conservation by creating this luxe line of plush stuffed elephants and donating 100% of all net proceeds to the aligned, on-the-ground non-profit organizations that directly benefit the toys’ real-world counterparts. To date, Kristina and The Elephant Project have helped aid in the rescue and protection of hundreds of elephants, while fostering numerous orphaned elephants, increasing family education around the ethical and physical complexities of elephant tourism, and delighting children the world over with her adorable SaveUs™ branded collection of Kiki, Tembo (and soon, Baby Chaba) plushies. Kristina has been profiled by a multitude of local, national, and international media outlets, including The Today Show, Vogue, People, Santa Barbara Magazine, The Montecito Journal and The Santa Barbara Sentinel. Her partner non-profit organizations include The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Elephant Nature Park, and The Elephant Cooperation. She is also a proud mama of three, wife, and alumna of the University of San Diego, where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in International Relations/Spanish.

Feb. 8, 2023

The Elephant Project with Kristina McKean

In this episode I talk to Kristina McKean who has made a big impact as the founder of The Elephant Project and is on a mission to educate children & families about animal cruelty through her line of cuddly plush …

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