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*He has this Checkers vs. Chess - wealth strategy which is amazing. To summarize, checkers the game that most people play, chess - how the wealthy invests.

Freddie Rappina is a Financial Advisor and a Charterd Financial Consultant™ as well as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ who founded Opta Financial. Freddie helps clients examine their current financial situation financial goals, completes a financial analysis, provides recommendations, implements and reviews plans for clients. In addition to experience in the financial services industry, Freddie also has experience in law enforcement and is retired from The Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia. Freddie is originally from Long Island New York and enjoys coaching baseball. He has coached at the High School and Summer Collegiate levels before electing to coach his own son's little league team. He lives in Wesley Chapel Florida with his wife Barbara his son Rylin and daughter Penelope. Series 65, Series 63, Series 22 & Series 6 licenses.

With combined education in financial services and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing insurance industry landscape, he can help to provide you with solutions for your unique situation.

He is licensed to sell insurance products in the following jurisdictions:

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Florida

Freddie Rappina, domiciled in Virginia, California Insurance Lic. #1984020

He is registered to offer securities in the following jurisdictions:

Florida, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Texas.

Financial solutions for unique situations with Freddie Rappina

Financial solutions for unique situations with Freddie Rappina

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