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Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski

Rabbi, Dr., MSW

My name is Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, Ph.D., MSW, also known as “The Bipolar Rabbi.” In June 2013, the Mamaroneck police arrested me for impersonating a police officer. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar. In the ensuing seven days, I was fired from my position as executive director of a prestigious institute and ridiculed by the press as “the Road Rage Rabbi.” My world collapsed. I then spent several months paralyzed on a couch with depression. But I persevered and thrived once again, becoming a social worker. A factor tipped the scale in my favor; I discovered Positive Psychology. Positive psychology studies the strengths that make us fulfill our potential. Knowing my strengths allowed me to overcome my negative thoughts and move forward.
My upcoming interactive book, “The Exceptional Wisdom of the Most Unusual Minds,” invites readers to create a community of mental illness wisdom. The goal is to move from stigma to dignity.
Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski (the bipolarrabbi)

The Bipolar Rabbi with Alfredo Borodowski
Sept. 28, 2022

The Bipolar Rabbi with Alfredo Borodowski

In this episode I talk to Alfredo Borodowski who transforms mental illness into success using positive psychology. A bipolar, arrested, and hospitalized, his story is inspiratopnal. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle...

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