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Sept. 7, 2020

Happy meditating with Tamy Khan

Happy meditating with Tamy Khan
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Tamy is a a mindfulness and happiness coach, yoga teacher, and the founder of Happy meditator. She helps people create a calmer, more mindful, and happier resilient life. She does this through one to one coaching, group classes, and online programs. Her coaching is based on mindfulness techniques, meditation & scientifically proven happiness strategies. She believes that anybody can create a life with less stress, anxiety, and better-balanced emotions. Happy Meditator is her life’s dream of creating a place where people can get inspired and get help with creating a happy life that they want. We all have the potential for happiness and having some guidance in the process can help things fall into place. Tamy has a Bachelors’s degree in Social Work and a Masters’s degree in Clinical Social Work with a specialty in working adults and the elderly. She's an experienced mental health counselor, group therapist, and healthcare manager. She's worked with families, seniors, and people suffering from depression, dementia, affective disorders, schizophrenia, and addiction problems.

Website: http://www.happymeditator.com

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