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Jan. 8, 2021

Helping others find their life’s purpose with Dave Shepp

Helping others find their life’s purpose with Dave Shepp
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Dave Shepp is an intuitive life-coach, business coach, instructor, public speaker, and healer. He specializes in helping others find their life’s purpose and transitioning them into an aligning career. Dave combines his 20 years of corporate leadership, energy healing and love of helping others into a career that has allowed him the freedom to live his dreams. He hosts multiple Podcasts; “Coaching for Leaders” geared towards corporate leaders, “Heal the Healers” supports healers of all modalities find their personal power while establishing their healing business and Co-host of “Blue Collar Fitness” aimed towards health and fitness. Dave’s approach to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual sets him apart from other coaches in the corporate world. He believes that increasing your self-esteem and personal power allows you to connect with your higher being and live a life that allows you to thrive, not just survive.

Website: http://www.davesheppconsulting.com

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