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April 20, 2022

How grief and loss can shape a life worth living with Danny Goldberg

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In this episode I talk to Danny Goldberg who is a podcaster who focuses on interviewing people about how struggle shapes our lives for the better. He will be sharing his story on grief, loss, and how it has shaped his perspective on living a life worth living and building your dream life.

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Daniel GoldbergProfile Photo

Daniel Goldberg

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold numerous businesses.

In college, I won over $50k in business competitions, sold my first venture, and subsequently went on to build a 7-figure manufacturing agency helping companies create and scale consumer products. My agency was the manufacturer behind the wildly successful Gravity Blankets campaign which to date is one of the largest Kickstarters in history grossing over $4M in just 30 days.

Outside of my business, my personal life mission is simple; Help people build their dream life.

I learned the importance of this through a series of unfortunate events. By just age 25, I lost both my parents to rare cancers. Despite how hard life has hit, I truly believe I’m lucky and blessed.

Through the Bits of Gold podcast, writing, and speaking I share my lessons and perspective on dealing with tragedy and coming out on the other side better, stronger, and more capable of building a purpose driven life.