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Jan. 5, 2021

How humor can save your life with Lisa David Olson

How humor can save your life with Lisa David Olson
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Lisa David Olson is a humorist with a unique mantra. Find out why you should 'dare yourself daily'. Author, speaker, podcast host and embarrassing mom . . . she adores pranks and sharing creative tips to help others get unstuck with projects and team dynamics. For two decades she ran and performed in an award-winning comedy troupe and says; “You really should try this at home.” Her project in bravery is something we can all try. Her keynote is: Connecting Through Humor Her story is: Humor Saved her Life! She's a humorist speaker and icebreaker queen. She escaped her traumatic childhood through humor. This later became her business. Improvisation is a superbly useful tool she teach others for their businesses, projects and goals. She's the 'icebreaker queen', and promises to not scare your introverts. Website: LisaDavidOlson.com ~Laughs On Wry (on Amazon) ~Stranger Connections (Podcast) ~What If's & Why Nots (journal full of improv tips to get you unstuck) ~Counter Clockwise (Facebook group described as a fun cyber clubhouse)

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