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Oct. 4, 2020

How the COVID era has ushered in a global network of gamechangers with Sharon Vaswani

How the COVID era has ushered in a global network of gamechangers with Sharon Vaswani
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In this episode I welcome back Sharon Vaswani as my guest. Last time, we spoke from her professional background, like what the efforts on the ground were in the Philippine/Asian context, but this time, we spoke about what has "nourished' her spirit during this time, and how this COVID era has ushered in a global network of gamechangers.

The points we spoke about are:

  • Sharon's personal sojourn into the interfaith world
  • Sharon's background, a bit of contextualization
  • Sharon's first "immersive" experience of an interfaith youth camp in Mayapur India
  • How the YOUTH (as I work closely with them) began talking about being HOPEFUL in the midst of the pandemic
  • Some of what the youth have currently done, and how I term them as "game changers" during this COVID era.
  • Characteristics which make a game-changer
  • Building the future with a sea of YOU's.

Sharon is currently the VP for Healthcare & Advocacies of the Federation of Filipino Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (FICCI), Sharon plays an active role in working on community efforts in order to be of assistance to our fellow countrymen in their time of need. Moreover, as a licensed Optometrist, she has put up her own business, PanOphthalmics Enterprise which supplies ophthalmic instruments, machines, and Intra Ocular lenses to hospitals and eye care practitioners. She is also a licensed financial advisor for Sunlife of Canada Philippines where she enjoys spreading the message of financial freedom and is a proud member of the member of the Million Dollar Round Table ®, The Premiere Association of Financial Professionals which is a global independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals. At the same time, she is an active interfaith youth leader, being part of the United Religions Initiative since 2008. Her role as the Young Leaders Program Coordinator for the South East Asia & Pacific region, has seen her giving leadership trainings globally, in the region, as well as in various parts of the country she lives in such as Mindanao. She is currently part of the global network of interfaith young leaders, the Global Youth CC.

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