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April 20, 2021

How The Public Education System is Failing Our Children with Suzanne DeMallie

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The public education system is failing our children. Almost two-thirds of our eighth graders aren’t proficient in reading or math. And in a single school year, US public schools see almost a million incidents of violence, a number that continues to grow. Suzanne DeMallie, author of Can You Hear Me Now?, exposes the unsettling reality of our classrooms with a brutally honest account of the policies and practices that leave so many children behind. As a parent, DeMallie fought a nationwide battle against bureaucracy for the simple, common-sense idea that children in the back of a classroom should be able to hear their teacher. Now, as a teacher herself, DeMallie is speaking loud and clear, fighting public-school dysfunction on the inside. She walks parents and teachers through everything they need to know to make a difference in their local district and beyond, from the most basic questions they should be asking to the most effective steps they can take to make their voices heard. Suzanne Rupp DeMallie taught for seven years in the Baltimore County Public School system. Research into her own son’s learning difficulties led her to author the Classroom Auditory Learning Issues resolution, adopted by the National PTA in July, 2007. Her work has appeared in Our Children Magazine, T.H.E. Journal, Towson Times, and The Baltimore Sun. Website: https://suzannedemallie.com

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