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Dec. 28, 2020

How to avoid business burnout with Kc Rossi

How to avoid business burnout with Kc Rossi
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Kc Rossi is a Mindset & Leadership Coach who helps women scale profitable + soul-aligned businesses. She is the Founder of the Soulprint Method™, a system that helps entrepreneurs leverage their strengths joyfully to enhance performance and thrive. She is the founder and host of the 5-star rated podcast Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi; a show dedicated to mindset, marketing, and manifesting for leaders with a purpose. Kc has been a full-time entrepreneur since 1991 and has built 6 and 7+ figure businesses. She is also a Certified Aromatherapist, Mind-Body Coach, and NLP Practitioner which allows her to bring a holistic and intuitive approach to her coaching. When she’s offline you can find her enjoying her organic garden, walking through the grape vineyards in the Naples Valley (in Upstate, NY), or 30 feet under scuba diving in blue waters. Website: https://www.kcrossi.com

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