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June 5, 2020

Inspiring and Developing Passionate Coaches with Sandra Breen

Inspiring and Developing Passionate Coaches with Sandra Breen
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Sandra is founder and course Director at Inspire International Coaching Academy Ltd. Sandra has created several group coaching programs, Her most poplar is the 16wk NLP Life Coaching training that provides participants with NLP techniques and tools to propel them into the world of coaching. Sandra’s coaching programmes specialise in: • Focusing on NLP coaching for the better performance of clients, • Using appropriate NLP coaching model to guide the conversation and result in action, • Help your clients gain the best results • 1-1 business coaching to create your own practise Sandra is an accomplished and high-achieving strategic leader with experience of managing business operations complemented with successfully setting up a social enterprise, being a Public Governor for Salford Royal Foundation Trust and formerly a Trustee of a major national/international charitable trust. Demonstrates expertise in implementing changing policies/procedures, Corporate Governance and influencing business decisions to achieve best possible outcomes. Website: http://www.inspire-ica.com

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