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Oct. 4, 2021

Interview with Author & Classical Pianist Jeeyoon Kim

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In this episode I speak to Jeeyoon Kim who has a renowned career as one of the world’s most accomplished classical performers and educator. She's an award-winning classical pianist and has a new book called: Whenever You’re Ready: How to Compose the Life of Your Dreams


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Jeeyoon KimProfile Photo

Jeeyoon Kim

Author / Musician

Award-winning classical pianist Jeeyoon Kim delights audiences with a sparkling combination of sensitive artistry, broad emotional range, impeccable technique, and innovative concert experiences. A native of South Korea, Jeeyoon has inspired a dedicated and passionate fan base from around the world. As a performer, she defies convention by expanding on the traditional classical concert experience. Her 2016 debut album, 10 More Minutes, features a conversation with the audience from onstage. For her next act, Jeeyoon collaborated with New York–based visual artist Moonsub Shin to create a multimedia masterpiece, Over. Above. Beyond.

Jeeyoon is an art activist, educator, podcaster, YouTuber, and award-winning performer who strives to connect with new audiences and help them discover the magic of classical music.