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Jan. 12, 2023

Interview with musical artist Kevin Roth

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In this episode I talk to musical artist Kevin Roth who was told he had stage-three melanoma in 2016 and just 3 years left to live. We talked about his rise to fame in entertainment and what he did next.






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Kevin RothProfile Photo

Kevin Roth

coach and author

Our guest today is musician and coach, Kevin Roth. After recording over fifty albums and winning numerous awards, Kevin was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma and given only two to three years to live. Faced with a choice of either focusing on dying or living, he chose the latter.

Kevin changed his diet and outlook then set out to create a life on his own terms. He has been cancer free since 2016 and has devoted his life to teaching others to change their lives as he continues his daily practices to live in a way that brings health, balance and success.

Here’s what we cover:

The impact Kevin’s diagnosis had on his life;

How his experience led to creative life design coaching;

How a mindful awareness practice can help us re-create our stories

The creation of his dulcimeditation; and

The wonderful practice of a self-date night.