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Nov. 21, 2020

Interview with the author of Running With Walt - Shawn Tegtmeier

Interview with the author of Running With Walt - Shawn Tegtmeier
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Shawn Tegtmeier is a full time certified Personal Trainer and the author of Running With Walt. She has certification in corrective exercise, fitness nutition, small group training, behaviour modification and CPR. Prior to all her certifications she was a self proclaimed chain soking couch potato. Never enjoyed sports of any kind while growing up in Crystal Lake, IL with her parents, three siblings and variety of pets. In the late 90's and early 2000's she had a shocking realization she smelled like a dirty ashtray. It was this first milestone, when she was able to successfully quit her beloved nicotine friends she felt empowered. With her newfound courage she felt brave enough to attempt other endeavors she had never thought of, or really thought possible. Shawn continues to try new things, loving every minute of it while always enjoying life to the fullest.

Website: https://shawntegtmeier.com

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