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July 25, 2019

Living a high performance life with Sonya Morton-Firth

Living a high performance life with Sonya Morton-Firth
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Sonya hosts a weekly YouTube channel and podcast : The Sonya Morton Firth Show

Sonya interviews inspirational guests and delves deep into the minds of Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Mavericks, Leaders and people that want to change the world by telling their amazing stories.

Sonya is also a High Performance Coach and works with Entrepreneurs and CEO’s helping them enhance their performance by providing them with strategies to achieve their goals by facilitating transformational change in all areas of life. 

With close to 20 years of experience in as an award-winning Sales Director in the finance industry, Sonya left corporate life, successful but not fulfilled, she knew she had a greater purpose. 

She went on to launch her own business, a brand of gym clothes for woman, and after selling her shares, she used her expertise to mentor Start-ups.

Sonya is passionate about health and fitness and is qualified in personal training and nutrition. She has written for Health and Fitness Magazines and given talks in this field. Her dedication and will power have led her to compete on stage in Physique competitions.

In addition, Sonya has mastered financial freedom by building up a multi-million property portfolio.

Sonya is certified by the AoEC (approved by the ICF) and is certified by the MFHA in mental health to identify and deal with stress and depression.


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