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Feb. 20, 2021

Living Authentically with Pamela Savino

Living Authentically with Pamela Savino
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Pamela spent her twenties in Corporate America as an employee benefits consulting actuary for Fortune 500 companies, and while her career provided many opportunities to utilize her strengths and provided a sense of satisfaction, she traded in her corporate business suits and laptop for yoga pants and a hoodie when she became a mom. She had four children within seven years, in addition to two pregnancy losses that served as catalysts for her spiritual growth and transformation that prompted her to start contemplating deeper meaning and purpose in her life. Pamela felt the pull to use her spiritual gifts to help others and embarked on the path of becoming a spiritual life coach. Her newly founded life-coaching business, Live Authentically, became the springboard that would catapult her to unprecedented heights and give her the international platform and presence from which to share her message on a global basis. Shortly after she embarked on her universe-appointed mission of helping others find their truth, she heard whispers from the Universe to go big. Really big. So, she blended her passions of spirituality and writing and started authoring a book about her most highly transformative experience yet… her divorce. However, just days into her book-writing endeavor, she heard more whispers from the Universe to go even bigger. She knew she needed to disseminate her message far and wide, and expanded her efforts by writing a book that helps everyone, not just people going through divorces, step into their authentic reality, partner with the Universe, and claim their personal power. SOAR is raw and real, meets readers where they are, and ushers them to a place of peace and empowerment, as they learn to navigate their new reality with a new perspective and revolutionary approach. Pamela is pursuing her spiritual calling with an unparalleled fervor. She relentlessly helps others find their voice, speak their truth, and live authentically via several modalities. In addition to her book, she recently started a podcast called the Live Authentically show, whose guests include other people who are also committed to playing a role in raising collective consciousness and helping people discover the essence of who they are. She is also an advocate for plant-based eating and partners with others to spread the plant-based message internationally. Her wish for everyone in this world is that we all live deeply fulfilling and authentic lives. Achieving this goal often requires radical change, and she is vowing to embody, embrace and model this change to inspire others to find their own voice and leave this world a better place than we found it.

Website: https://liveauthentically.today

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