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Sept. 17, 2020

Managing mental health and going after your dreams with Clisver Alvarez

Managing mental health and going after your dreams with Clisver Alvarez
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Clisver Alvarez, the mindset, and mental health coach for Blue Greis Lifestyle also known for her freelance writing and features for some of America's most iconic magazines. She's been featured in this year’s May print issue of Good House Keeping Magazine, has a spot on WebMD for her Inspiring story of how she dealt with her bipolar disorder. "It may feel like the end of the world when you’re struggling in life. Whether it be financial, in your emotional relationships, or with your health. I’ve been there but I did not give up and that's what matters" She' also did a piece for Meerkat Motivator and has appeared on Enterprise Podcast Network covering topics like "Why and How to Choose Happiness". She's chosen a path of self-improvement, and to help others better their lives by helping them remove blocks and align them with their road to awesomeness, here is her "why". Going through a mental health struggle made her a believer in coaching. So she set out on a journey to be that person for others, she set out to help others overcome struggles, by sharing her life experiences and share her positive outlook on life because that's simply how she views the world. She's only recently decided to share more of the personal part of her story. The part of which is her struggles with bipolar disorder. She never stops encouraging others to be their best selves, because she believes we are all WORTHY!

Website: https://bluegreislifestyle.com

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