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Jan. 28, 2021

Mindset and Men’s Mental Health with Rahaf Raef Kobeissi

Mindset and Men’s Mental Health with Rahaf Raef Kobeissi
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From living through the pain of her dad's suicide to being raised by an abusive mother to having her brother accidentally kill someone in her home and attempting suicide three times herself- Ray's story comes with a silver lining: She became an acclaimed Mindset and Men’s Mental Health Coach & Personal Development Trainer to break the stigma around Mental Health, raise awareness, help people develop life and essential skills, and hold the space for men to be their true selves. She founded Rays Your Mental Health that works with business leaders to help them manage their stress, improve self-esteem & gain clarity on who they truly are through structured and deep coaching experiences. And to help corporations build employees' well-being programs and develop their team's interpersonal skills. When she is not coaching, training, or speaking, she hosts the "Don't Be A Man About It" podcast that interviews men with remarkable and inspiring stories on Mental Health. On a personal level, Ray loves coffee, reading, hiking, yoga, kickboxing, adventures, movies, and small acts of kindness.

Website: https://raysyourmentalhealth.com

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