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Jan. 24, 2023

Author Interview - Mindset Monk with VK Lakkinen

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In this episode I talk to V Krishna Lakkineni - author of Mindset Monk and co-author of Amazon Best Sellers The Big Secret and The Golden Rules Of Success. 

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VK LakkineniProfile Photo

VK Lakkineni

Speaker, Investor, Growth Strategist, and Author

V. Krishna Lakkineni hailed from a small village in India. Being born into poverty, the lack of necessities made him work harder, and he became hungry to achieve something better for himself, his future family and the generations to come. As a ten-year-old, he thought money would solve all his problems. In fact, this thought vanished as he got older and understood there was something greater. A higher purpose now drives him to reach his goals. His self-discoveries lead to an inner passion to help others through mentoring, giving, compassion and love.

Through hard work, dedication and continuing education, Krishna developed a unique skillset in the digital marketing industry, where possessing both analytical (left brain) and creative imaginary (right brain) talent lead to quality project outcomes.

He currently leads a great team of talented technologists, designers and strategists at ROI Media Works. Mr. Lakkineni has over 15 years of experience working in the ever-changing digital marketing world. Being analytical, an entrepreneur, a programmer and a marketer, he has developed a unique, yet strategic, skillset where he sets the bar high for himself. He also had considerable experience working on Fortune 500 companies’ digital marketing projects in an agency environment.