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July 9, 2019

Promoting a fire education community - with Tracy Last

Promoting a fire education community - with Tracy Last
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There are many fearless leaders paving new “pub ed” pathways with Tracy Last, Founder of the FireED Interactive Community Inc, an impact business, and movement, for eliminating preventable fires worldwide. As a teenager Tracy was a self confessed fire safety star, who now makes a point that she did not learn the ropes as a child in school, or through fire station visits. She discovered the importance of fire safety following the Smokey Bear Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Campaign for which her dad supplied educational materials to since 1979. In 1998 Tracy signed with the NFPA as official licensee for the Sparky the Fire Dog campaign. This license ran without incident until 2005, at which time it did not get renewed. This only fuelled Tracy’s passion! She took to travelling and meeting educators across Canada in a quest to standardize and implement a new breed of fire and life safety education programs nationwide. For every other fire service endeavor Tracy worked to develop, she applied her entrepreneurial approaches to create and market improved programs. Though she always found she couldn't make slow moving committees work faster, and people were still dying, becoming injured, or losing their homes to preventable fires. Having collected years of data from the great minds of hundreds of fire officers and educators over time, the challenge remained to take the collective ideas and package them. The only way Tracy saw this to be feasible was by way of incorporating a first of its kind public education social enterprise, called FireED Interactive Community Inc.

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